Call number: V-1390

Luna Park

IMA Films / L. Production / Ciby 2000, France - Russia, 1992
Producers Georges Benayoum and Paul Rozenberg
Screenplay Pavel Lungin
Photography Denis Evstigneev
Music Isaak Shvartz

Naum Kheifits			Oleg Borisov
Andrei				Andrei Gutin
Alena				Natal´ia Egorova
Andrei's aunt			Nonna Mordiukova
Mute				Mikhail Golubovich
Boris Ivanovich			Aleksandr Feklistov
The Cleaners:
Zhigan				Kirill Puchkov
Piton				Vadim Pachkov
106 minutes
In Russian with English subtitles

Source: New Yorker Video
System: NTSC

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