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Belyi orel (Gubernator) [The White Eagle (The Governor)]

Mezhrabpom-fil´m, 1928; released 9 October 1928
Screenplay: Iakov Protazanov, Oleg Leonidov, Iakov Urinov, based on Leonid Andreev's story 'Gubernator'
Photography: Petr Ermolov
Production design: Isaak Rabinovich

The Governor		Vasilii Kachalov
The Governess		Anna Sten
Official		Vsevolod Meierkhol´d
Police spy		Ivan Chuvelev
Police Master		Andrei Petrovskii
Archpriest		Petr Repnin
The Governor's wife	Elena Volkonskaia
Officials		Mikhail Zharov, Iurii Vasil´chikov
Revolutionary		Aleksandr Gromov
67 minutes
Russian titles with optional English subtitles, silent with added music track

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