Call number: DVD-3068

Non-Stop Production, with the support of Fond kino, 2011; premiere 21 May 2011, France, 6 November 2011, Rossiia 1
Producers: Aleksandr Rodnianskii, Sergei Mel´kumov
Executive Producer: Ekaterina Marakulina
Screenplay: Oleg Negin, Andrei Zviagintsev
Photography: Mikhail Krichman
Production design: Andrei Ponkratov
Sound: Andrei Dergachev
Music: Philip Glass
Editor: Anna Mass
Elena					Nadezhda Markina
Vladimir				Andrei Smirnov
Katerina, Vladimir's daughter		Elena Liadova
Serezha, Elena's son			Aleksei Rozin
Tat´iana, Sergei's wife			Evgeniia Konushkina
Sasha, Elena's grandson			Igor´ Ogurtsov
Lawyer					Vasilii Michkov
105 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 2.39:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Languages No subtitles
Features Chapter selection
Source Karmen video / Master Kat

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