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ROU, Aleksandr
Novye pokhozhdeniia kota v sapogakh [The New Adventures of Puss in Boots]

Kinostudiia imeni M. Gor´kogo, Ialtinskaia kinostudiia, 1957; released 27 May 1958
Screenplay Sergei Mikhalkov, from the fairy tale by Charles Perrault
Verses and songs Sergei Mikhalkov
Photography Igor´ Shatrov
Design Iurii Shvets, Evgenii Galei
Music Andrei Volkonskii

Puss in boots					Mariia Barabanova
Grandfather and the King			Anatolii Kubatskii
Vania and the Marquis de Carabass		Viacheslav Zharikov
Liuba and the princess				O. Gorelova
Klava and the white pawn			Ia. Asmus
Olia and the white pawn				O. Krylova
Patisone, the Minister without Portfolio 	Stepan Kaiukov
Crivello, the Minister without Portfolio 	Konstantin Zlobin
Dvuliche, a court lady				Tamara Nosova
Jester						Georgii Milliar
Young witch					Lidiia Vertinskaia
Greengrocer					Vladimir Volodin
Count Domino's Ambassador			Nikita Kondrat´ev
Chief of the Guard				Lev Potemkin
83 minutes
In Russian with optional subtitles and optional English dubbed version

Region code All
Aspect ratio Widesreen
Languages Optional English dubbed version.
Optional Russian and English subtitles
Features Filmographoies and biographies for the direcgor, Aleksandr Rou and the actors Mariia Barabanova, Anatolii Kubatskii, Georgii Milliar, Tamara Nosova and Stepan Kaiukov
Source Cronus

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