Call number: DVD-1054

DOVZHENKO, Aleksandr
VUFKU, Kiev, 1928; released 26 March 1929
Screenplay Aleksandr Dovzhenko
Assistant directors Lazar´ Bodyk, Aleksei Kapler
Photography Danylo Demutskii
Design Isaak Shpinel´, Vladimir Muller
Music V. Ovchinnikov [added later]
Timosh, a worker at the Arsenal works	Semen Svashenko
Official				Mykola Nademskii
German officer				D. Erdman
German soldier				S. Petrov
German soldier with glasses		Amvrosii Buchma
Petliura				Mykola Kuchinskii
Sadovskii				O. Merlatti
Nicholas II				A. Evdakov
Red Army Man				G. Khar´kov
62 minutes
French titles only, added music track


DOVZHENKO, Aleksandr
Iagodka liubvi [Love's Berry] [Le petit fruit de l'amour]
also known as 'Parikmakher Zhan Kolbasiuk' and 'Zhenit´ba Kapki'
VUFKU, Ialta, 1926
Screenplay Aleksandr Dovzhenko
Photography D. Demutskii and I. Rona

Zhan Kolbasiuk, a hairdresser		N. Krushel´nitskii
Girl					M. Chardynina-Barskaia
Toy shop buyer				D. Kapka
Fat man who buys a 'berry' instead
   of a doll				N. Zamykovskii
Old man on whom the fat man offloads
   the 'berry'				V. Lisovskii
Fat client				A. Belov
Fop on whom the fat man offloads
   the 'berry'				L. Chembarskii
Photographer				N. Zemgano
Girl on the boulevard			K. Zapadnaia
Seltzer water seller			N. Nademskii
25 minutes
French titles only, added music track

Region code 2
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages French subtitles
Features Chapter selection
Source Bach Films

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