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Wolf Collection (1911-1928)

Lucien Wolf (1857-1930) was the British born son of Bohemian Jewish refugees. He had a career as journalist and diplomat for the Jewish cause. He wrote for a number of publications in the Jewish and national press. He was an early exponent of Anglo-Jewish history. Between 1912-1914 he was the editor of "Darkest Russia: a weekly record of the struggle for freedom". This was a propaganda paper directed against the Russian Government and concerned particularly with Jewish rights. As well as reporting on international affairs, Wolf had an advisory role as he had many diplomatic contacts. He was a leading member of the Conjoint Foreign Committee of British Jews. He was an exponent of the Balfour declaration of 1917 and a co-architect of the Minorities Treaties after the First World War which set the framework for the rights of European Jewry.
Ref: Levene, M, "War, Jews, and the new Europe: the diplomacy of Lucien Wolf 1914-1919" (Oxford, 1992)


Correspondence relating to Wolf's editorship of "Darkest Russia" (1911-1928). The correspondence is concerned with the financing, circulation and influence of the paper as well as to the gathering of articles; correspondence, pamphlets and press cuttings relating to the murder of the imperial family. This correspondence is concerned principally with the issue of the involvement of Jews in the murder and includes letters between Wolf and Reuben Blank and the British Government.


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See also: there are a number of other repositories holding Wolf correspondence including Conjoint and Joint Foreign Committee Papers at Board of Deputies of British Jews, Woburn House, London, David Mowschowitch Collection at Yivo Institute for Jewish Research, New York and Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem.

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