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Catalogue of Tappe Collection - class descriptions TAP/1-TAP/2

TAP/1 - Maria Golescu's correspondence (1946-1979)

Previous number: boxes 4, 5, 6 and part of boxes 2 and 3

Maria Golescu (1897-1987) met Tappe when she worked as a librarian at the British Information Office in Bucharest 1945-1949. She had previously had a background in art history. In 1949 she became one of the at that time many Romanian political prisoners after her arrest and trial on charges of high treason and spying for Britain and she spent the next twelve years in prison, being released in 1961. After Tappe acted as her sponsor with the British Foreign Office and raised money requested by the Romanian Government Golescu and her mother Zoe Golescu were permitted to leave Romania and emigrate to Britain. They settled in Eastbourne where Zoe Golescu died in 1968.
Note: for convenience Maria Golescu is referred to in this catalogue as MG.

Contents: MG's correspondence with Tappe and with other correspondents, publications sent to her by Stefan Nenitescu and notebook containing excerpts from her correspondence. The correspondence is mainly personal in nature but some references to Romanian people, politics particularly the fate of political prisoners and art are made.

10 envelopes, 7 folders and 1 notebook

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TAP/2 - Letters to Tappe from Professor Emil Turdeanu (1948-1972)

Previous number: box 1

Turdeanu, a Romanian emigre living in France was Professor of Romanian Language and Literature at the Sorbonne, Paris.

Contents: letters from Turdeanu to Tappe

2 envelopes

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TAP/3 - Letters to Tappe mainly from Romanian academics (1948-1979)

Previous number: box 2 and part of box 3

Tappe maintained contacts both with Romanian academics in Romania and with Romanian and non Romanian academics elsewhere.

Contents: letters mainly from Romanian academics in Romania and in emigration to Tappe

5 envelopes

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