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Stevens Collection (circa) (1925-1972)

Harry C Stevens (1896-1972) was a translator of Russian and Polish literature and had a strong interest in the affairs of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. During the First World War he was a conscientious objector from military service on religious grounds and was imprisoned. After the war from August 1919 to September 1924 he worked with the Polish, Russian and joint British and American Units of the Friends War Victims' Relief Committee on a number of aid projects based in Warsaw, Minsk, Buzuluk and Moscow. On his return to Britain Stevens wrote articles and lectured on his experiences. From 1929 to 1935 he was a research worker in England for the Marx-Engels Institute and in 1931 became manager of Atlas Film Company which was engaged in the commercial exploitation of Soviet silent films. He was also during this time a very active member of the Society for Cultural Relations with the USSR.

During the 1930s Stevens increasingly devoted more time to the translation of Russian and Polish literature and this remained his main occupation until 1953 when a decline in commissions led him to take a post as a clerk. From 1940-1945 however he worked for the Polish Ministry of Information (Government in exile in London) as an editor and translator.


Subject and date files of correspondence relating to Stevens' work. The subject files include with individuals, publishers (including with Gollancz and re his translation of Sholokhov's work) and the Polish Ministry of Information.

30 files

(Language) English & Polish & Russian

Unrestricted access

See also: MIN which contains a photograph album of a British miners' delegation to the Soviet Union, 1926, at which Stevens was present as a translator.

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