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Meyendorff Collection (circa) (1921-1933) (circa)

Baron Alexander Felixovich Meyendorff (1869-1964) was born in Russia, the son of a diplomat and Olga, Princess Gorchagov. After graduating in law from St Petersburg University and military service, in 1893 he joined the civil service. In 1907 he became member for Livonia in the Duma. He was vice president of the Duma for some time and in 1917 became a senator. He accepted an appointment as Russian ambassador to Britain but resigned after the policy supporting the Stockholm Conference was abandoned. In 1918 he left Russia for Latvia with his wife and in 1919 emigrated to Britain, From 1922 to 1934 Meyendorff was reader in Russian institutional politics at the London School of Economics. He wrote several books, his interests being land law, organisation of peasant communities and diplomatic history.
Ref: "Slavonic and East European Review" vol 42, no 99, 1964, pp 440-442


Volumes of a bibliography of English books on Russia, covering a variety of wide subject areas such as literature, history, politics, economics and religion. Volumes are divided into different subject areas.

(circa) 1921-1933 (circa)

6 volumes, mostly typescript

(Language) English & (some) French & Russian

Unrestricted access

See also: PET which contains further writings by Meyendorff; 4 volumes of a typescript by Meyendorff entitled "Bibliography of English books on Russia", covering the period from the end of the 16th century to about 1921 are held by the LSE Library, 10 Portugal Street, London, WC2A 2HD.

Publication: part of volume 5 of this collection was published as "Economics and economic history of Russia" in "Bulletin of the British Library of Political and Economic Science", nos 32-33, 1925-1926

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