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Kónyi Collection (1804-1916)

An online catalogue for this collection is available.

Manó Kónyi (1842-1917) developed with Adolf Fenyvessy a Hungarian shorthand system which he used for the reporting of debates in the Hungarian Parliament in the 1860s. From 1867 to 1885 he was joint chief of its Reporting Office with Fenvessy. In retirement after 1885 he edited the speeches of Ferencz Deák, an architect of Hungary's 1867 constitutional agreement and also acted as secretary for Count Julius Andrassy the younger (1860-1929) (last foreign minister of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Oct-Nov 1918).

At some point in the 1880s Kónyi acquired Count Menyhért Lónyay's papers for his editorial work. Lónyay (1822-1884) was a prominent Hungarian politician. Along with Ferencz Deák and Josef von Eötvös, he was an architect of the 1867 constitutional agreement. This created a dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary in place of the unitary Austrian Empire, thereby giving Hungary more independence from Hapsburg rule. Lónyay served as Hungarian Finance Minister 1868-1870 and Hungarian Prime Minister 1870-1873.


Lónyay's offical and private letters 1848-1884 and his political diary 1865-1872; Andrassy the younger's political diary 1908-1913, Kónyi's correspondence, writings and printed material.

8 boxes, 4 folders, 2 volumes

(Language) French & English & German & (mostly) Hungarian

Access - authorisation of Librarian required

Copyright: the right to reproduce any part of the papers may be granted by the Librarian but the reproduction of a substantial part of the papers, shall in the lifetime of the donor, Professor J Hajnal-Kónyi, require his permission also. A researcher publishing a substantial piece of work based on the material shall on publication inform the Librarian, who shall in turn inform the donor.

See also: the Hungarian State Archive holds microfilm of much of this collection

Publication: "Lónyay Menyhért visszaemlékezése dessewffy emilre" by Iván Zoltán Dénes in the periodical "Magyar Tudormány" (no 4, 1983) reproduces a number of the letters from this collection.

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